Plumbly Meets Miqati, Hails Political Parties’ Commitment to National Dialogue

Posted on: June 27, 2012 at 00:09
U.N Special Coordinator for Lebanon Derek Plumbly welcomed on Wednesday the outcome of Monday’s national dialogue meeting.

He said after meeting Prime Minister Najib Miqati: “The commitment on the part of the different political movements in the country to continue dialogue is in itself important, as is their reaffirmation of the commitments made in the Baabda Declaration to restraint, to support for the army and to Lebanon’s neutrality with regard to regional conflicts.”

“In that context I also discussed with the prime minister follow-up with regard to the dialogue conclusion concerning the Palestinian camps and the emphasis laid on addressing socio-economic issues there,” added the U.N. official.

“I was impressed by the premier’s determination to achieve progress in this area, which is important both for the people of Lebanon and for Palestinians living here,” he continued.

Plumbly stressed: “The United Nations looks forward to continuing to work closely with the government as it does so.”

Furthermore, he informed Miqati that the next report of the U.N. Secretary General on Resolution 1701 is due to be presented to the Security Council next week.

The talks between the two officials also focused on the security situation in Lebanon, with Plumbly welcoming the calm that has prevailed in south Lebanon in recent months and discussing areas of resolution 1701 that still need to be implemented.

“The prime minister underlined the absolute priority the government gives to safeguarding Lebanon’s stability and security during this period,” stated the U.N. special coordinator.

“In that regard I welcomed the steps the Lebanese authorities, led by the Ministry of the Interior, have initiated this week to strengthen security measures and the rule of law across the country,” he remarked.

Plumbly also condemned the violence in Beirut on Monday and the attack on al-Jadeed television.

Unknown gunmen on Monday attacked al-Jadeed television’s headquarters in the Beirut neighborhood of Wata el-Msaytbeh, opening fire on the building, hurling Molotov bombs and setting fire to tires.

The Internal Security Forces’ Intelligence Bureau managed to arrest one of the attackers, identifying him as Wissam Alaeddine.
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