Report: Senator McCain in Beirut Next Week

Posted on: July 01, 2012 at 00:40
U.S. Senator John McCain is expected to visit Beirut next week as part of his tour to the region, U.S. sources told al-Akhbar newspaper published Saturday.

McCain will meet with President Michel Suleiman, Speaker Nabih Berri, Premier Najib Miqati and other officials, the report said.

The senator last visited Beirut at the head of a delegation from the U.S. congress in 2010.

McCain, who was defeated in 2008 by Barack Obama in his bid for the White House, has accused the U.S. president of failing to exercise leadership in the Syrian crisis and said Washington should rally a coalition that would conduct an air war in support of the rebels fighting the forces of President Bashar Assad.
Channel News Asia: Australian police crack global money-laundering ring

Australian police revealed Thursday they had cracked a major global money-laundering ring with operatives in more than 20 countries and funds syphoned off to groups reported to include Hezbollah.

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