Report: Suleiman Flies to France Thursday as Paris Backs Lebanese Choice to Keep Distance from Syria

Posted on: July 09, 2012 at 01:09
President Michel Suleiman is set to travel to France on Thursday where is expected to hold talks with his French counterpart Francois Hollande to highlight the importance of Lebanese-French ties and tackle the latest developments in Lebanon and the region, especially Syria, reported the daily al-Mustaqbal on Sunday.

Diplomatic sources said that Hollande will likely encourage Suleiman to maintain the government’s policy of distancing itself from the Syrian crisis.

The two presidents will also probably revise Lebanese-French relations, revealed the sources.

In addition, France will emphasize that it is keen on maintaining its participation in the United Nations Interim Forces in Lebanon.

The sources stressed the importance of the visit given France’s prominent role on the international scenes, most notably at the U.N. Security Council and European Union.

“France is keen on hosting Suleiman seeing as he is the head of the main democratic country in the Middle East, which only gives more significance to the country’s position on Syria,” said the diplomatic sources.

Suleiman last visit Paris in March 2010 where he held talks with former President Nicolas Sarkozy.

He is likely to invite Hollande to visit Lebanon.
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