Nadine Al Rassi wraps up filming for Ramadan special, moves on to the next one

Posted on: April 14, 2013 at 23:30
Lebanese actress Nadine Al Rassi has finished filming on a new drama ''Emilia''. Scheduled for a Ramadan release, the Lebanese Broadcasting Company (LBC) series is written by Tareq Al Suwaid with Samir Habshi in the director's chair.

Nadine's keeping busy, starting filming on a new Syrian show as she polished off the shoot for Emilia. The new show, ''We Will Return Shortly'', explores the repurcussions of the Syrian war for the displaced population.

The Lebanese actress will play the daughter of Syrian star Duraid Laham's character in the Beirut based drama, according to Elaph

According to the Middle East news portal Elaph, the end of filming the scenes for ''Emilia'' coinicided with the launch of filming the first scenes of the new Syrian drama ''Sana'oud Baed Qalil'' (We Will Return Shortly). Nadine was chosen to play the role of ''Dina'' daughter of the main character in the drama renowned Syrian actor Duraid Laham. Dina is Duraid's daughter from his Lebanese wife and who lives in Beirut.

The Rafi Wahbi-penned show has also drawn in top acting talent from across the Middle East, including Abid Fahed, Sulafa Mimar, Karmen Lib and Taqala Sham'oun.
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