Defense Council Urges Heeding Needs of Army, Security Forces, Safadi to Sue General Security

Posted on: May 13, 2012 at 00:23
The Higher Defense Council on Sunday discussed the security situation in unrest-hit Tripoli, lauding the role of security agencies in “preserving security, busting terrorist networks, freeing abductees and curbing the trafficking of arms across the Lebanese areas.”

Speaking after an emergency meeting at the Baabda Palace, the council’s spokesman, Maj. Gen. Adnan Merheb, stressed the conferees’ keenness on preserving civil peace in the country, noting that “to this end, the council has given the necessary instructions to the military and security institutions and specified the missions of the ministries, administrations and relevant authorities.”

An Islamist sit-in on Saturday over the arrest of Salafist activist Shadi al-Mawlawi quickly descended into full-blown armed clashes between gunmen belonging to the rival Tripoli districts of Jabal Mohsen and Bab al-Tabbaneh.

The council also stressed the importance of “providing the urgent needs of the army and security forces, to enable them to perform their duties.”

The council kept its resolutions confidential in line with procedures, Merheb said.

The meeting was preceded by talks between President Michel Suleiman and Prime Minister Najib Miqati who discussed the latest developments.

Meanwhile, MTV reported that Finance Minister Mohammed Safadi informed the council that he will file a lawsuit against the General Directorate of General Security.

General Security agents arrested Mawlawi outside an office belonging to Safadi in Tripoli.

Al-Manar television also reported that Safadi will file a lawsuit, noting that he rejected “the use of his name in the abduction operation.”

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