Hariri Contacts Suleiman, Qahwaji, Warns Akkar Residents against Falling for 'Syrian Schemes'

Posted on: May 20, 2012 at 00:20
Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri condemned on Sunday the murder of Sheikh Ahmed Abdul Wahed, demanding that an “immediate investigation be launched in the matter.”

He said in a statement: “We warn the residents of Akkar against committing any retaliatory act that would create chaos in their region as it is clear that there is a plan to target the area for Syrian interests.”

The former premier also contacted President Michel Suleiman and Army Commander General Jean Qahwaji, demanding that those responsible for the crime, “no matter their position,” should be held accountable for their action.

He also contacted Abdul Wahed’s family to condemn the death.

“We do not hold the whole army responsible for the crime seeing at is a national military institution that has long stood by the residents of Akkar, who are also major members of the establishment,” Hariri noted.

It is clear however that some external sides are seeking to exploit the army to spread the Syrian crisis to Lebanon, he added.

“The Mustaqbal Movement and parliamentary bloc will not halt their demand to bring those responsible to justice,” he stressed.

Hariri also urged the residents of Akkar to exercise restraint and avoid getting “dragged into strife.”

Abdul Wahed and his companion were killed on Sunday in a shooting at an army checkpoint as they were heading to a rally by Mustaqbal MP Khaled al-Daher in the northern town of Halba.

The death has sparked outrage in the North as residents blocked various roads with Prime Minister Najib Miqati and the Army Command announcing that investigation committees have been formed to look into the case.
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