Phalange: Resuming National Dialogue Will Help Resolve Lebanon’s Crisis

Posted on: May 28, 2012 at 00:02
The Phalange Party renewed on Monday its leader Amin Gemayel’s demand to “positively” approach President Michel Suleiman’s call to resume the national dialogue in order to prevent Lebanon “from being dragged in the disputes of its neighbors.”

It said in a statement after its weekly politburo meeting: “Resuming the national dialogue will pave the way to ending the political, security, and regional aspects of Lebanon’s crisis.”

The party urged the need to implement the agreements that were reached during the last dialogue session by beginning to tackle the Resistance’s possession of arms and devising a defense strategy for Lebanon.

The politburo also praised Saudi King Abdullah’s call last week on Suleiman to exert efforts to resume the national dialogue.

The president had sent out invitations to various political factions to attend the national dialogue session scheduled for June 11.

Addressing the kidnapping of the 11 Lebanese pilgrims in Syria, the Phalange Party called on local and regional powers to intensify their efforts to ensure their safe return to Lebanon.

It urged them to tackle the issue from a national and humanitarian angle, warning against employing it for political and sectarian purposes.

In addition, it noted the national unity that was produced as a result of the abduction, hoping that the development will help return political practice in Lebanon back on the right course.

On May 22, 11 Lebanese pilgrims were abducted in Aleppo as they were on their way by land to Lebanon from a pilgrimage to Iran.

It is unknown who has abducted them, with claims that the rebel Free Syrian Army is behind the operation, allegations it has denied.
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