Geagea: Dialogue is a ‘Hizbullah Trap’ to Prolong Govt. Crisis

Posted on: June 04, 2012 at 00:08
Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea said Monday that the March 14 forces will make a final attempt in coordination with President Michel Suleiman to secure the minimum elements of a serious and meaningful dialogue.

In an interview to the Central News Agency, Geagea said that the LF would be the first to call for a serious national dialogue, “but the suggested talks are nothing but a trap, particularly from Hizbullah, to cover what is happening and prolong the problem.”

He pointed that the all-party talks previously held in Lebanon, were proven useless “because the July 2006 war took place in the midst of dialogue sessions as well as May 7, 2008 clashes”, adding that dialogue didn’t prevent war and the Lebanese opponents did not abide by its rules.

Geagea said: “No one can be against dialogue, especially the March 14 camp and the Lebanese Forces, but we feel that dialogue is being used to cover up the incidents of kidnapping, explosions and armed clashes.”

He added: ''We spent seven years discussing the issue of Hizbullah arms, and did not reach any progress. So how are we supposed to resume dialogue without even a slight change in the other team’s position?”

LF leader considered that the country suffers security, political and economic hardships, noting that “it would be easier for the March 14 camp to accept dialogue, knowing that it will not be fruitful.”

Instead he called for transparent efforts, away from political games, considering that the solution lies in holding consultations with the President and political groups, leading to an “executive authority that could bear its responsibilities.”

In this context, Geagea said that the March 14 camp plans to send an envoy or delegation to Baabda Palace in the next few days to discuss the possibility of providing the “minimum factors of seriousness,” adding that if the efforts failed, “it would be wrong to waste the time and effort of the people.”

He considered that Suleiman’s agenda is good, “but it is not up to him to implement the decisions, and Hizbullah maneuvers without complying with the agenda.”

The LF leader said that Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah did not mention the items on the dialogue agenda, and neglected the suffering of the country and the arms issue, to focus instead on reconsidering the country composition and the Taif Agreement.
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