Syrian National Kidnapped on Zahle Highway Released

Posted on: June 11, 2012 at 00:21
Syrian National Habib al-Brimo, who was kidnapped last week on the Zahle highway in eastern Lebanon, was released on Monday.

No details were immediately available about the circumstances of the release as the motive remains unknown.

The National News Agency reported that Brimo found himself laying on the ground on the outskirts of the eastern town of Arsal overnight Monday.

He was able to walk to the highway and change several vans until he reached his house in Zahle at dawn.

The NNA quoted Brimo as saying that no ransom was paid in exchange for his release.

The news agency said that he might be transferred to a hospital due to his deteriorating health.

Brimo was kidnapped on Friday as he was riding his dark blue Skoda carrying Syrian license plate number 482021/Damascus.
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